How to get the best answering service for HVAC company?

The HVAC market is riding high these days. It’s expected to reach $136.5 billion by 2024, says a recent market research report by P&S Intelligence. Plus, the market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% for that period, according to the report. These predictions are great news if you’re an HVAC company.

The HVAC market is riding high these days. It’s expected to reach $136.5 billion by 2024

But a thriving marketplace isn’t a panacea for an HVAC business. To survive and thrive in the future, these companies will have to do more. They’ll have to beat the tough industry challenges that plague them—challenges that can quickly bring down even the best small business.

Savvy HVAC contractors, however, are hiring call answering services to help them overcome these obstacles. Below we review how you can use a telephone answering service to defeat these obstacles, build trust, and improve customer support. The article covers the following topics:

  • Challenges facing the HVAC industry
  • What an answering service is
  • Benefits of an answering service
  • How to use an answering service effectively
  • What you can expect to pay for an answering service

While hiring a telephone answering service won’t solve all your problems, it can help you beat provide exceptional customer service and extraordinary customer experiences.

Top Challenges Facing an HVAC Company

Today’s HVAC companies are fortunate. Their equipment beats yesterday’s equipment hands down. It’s more efficient, more productive, and “smarter.” Having excellent equipment can help you craft epic customer experiences.

But great equipment isn’t enough to help you survive and thrive as a small business. If you’re like a typical HVAC contractor, you still face tough organizational challenges that can bring you down. You need to beat these challenges to boost competitiveness and increase profits.

Below are some of the top challenges HVAC companies face today. These challenges aren’t the only ones they have. But they are among the most critical. They include:

  • Managing time efficiently
  • Boosting communication
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Managing seasonal highs and lows
  • Meeting customer demands
  • Providing exceptional customer experiences

A live telephone answering service, one that answers phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can help you conquer these obstacles.

What is a Live Answering Service?

What’s a live answering service? It’s one that offers a 24/7 inbound/outbound call center staffed by professional agents with years of experience. Unlike yesterday’s answering services, today’s answering services are true business partners. Many specialize in specific industries and sizes of business.

Today’s call centers provide a wide range of commercial messaging services, business processing activities, and operational tasks. These activities can help you not only run your business more efficiently and effectively but also grow it and increase profitability.

Live answering services customized to your needs provide a competitive edge. Handling routine service calls frees you and your people to work on critical tasks that create loyal customers. Often, offering 24/7 availability can be a deal-breaker for some clients and the difference between winning business and losing it.

HVAC answering services can:

  1. Increase client satisfaction/experience
  2. Pump up brand loyalty among clients
  3. Make a great first impression with callers
  4. Reduce call abandonment rates
  5. Enhance industry reputation
  6. Boost positive client reviews
  7. Improve company focus on client needs
  8. Generate positive word-of-mouth advertising
  9. Increase company efficiency and productivity

In short, live answering services can help portray your company in a professional light and boost your credibility with prospects and existing clients.

While an answering service can help you beat each of the challenges described above, its strength is helping you deliver topflight customer service. Plus, a live answering service can put money back in your pocket.

Live answering services customized to your needs provide a competitive edge

How an HVAC Company Can Use Answering Services Effectively

Below are several proven best practices when it comes to working with live answering services. They’ll help you use your answering service more effectively and squeeze the most out of this strategy.

  1. Customize features and options— Every HVAC business is different. So, you’ll have different needs than another HVAC contractor or small business. To boost your answering service’s effectiveness, you need to develop a usage plan for your needs and budget.
  2. Tailor scripts and other materials to your business — Many call centers have generic scripts and processes already available. These are good starting points. To increase effectiveness, tailor these generic scripts specifically to your customers, how you operate, and how you handled calls previously.
  3. Inform everyone about the new setup — Inform all your stakeholders of your new setup. Let each know how the change will affect it. That helps avoid many of the communications problems that come with this type of change.
  4. Treat service as an extension— Some small businesses treat their answering services as just another company. That’s a mistake. Treat your answering service as an extension of your business. That makes it more likely you’ll inform them of critical changes that impact them.
  5. Ask for HVAC experienced and trained agents — The best answering service for HVAC company has plenty of experience, then ask to have HVAC trained agents assigned to you. That guarantees you get a live person answering your calls, which helps create an air of professionalism when speaking with callers.
  6. Get daily and detailed reports— Getting daily reports on the type of calls you get and what’s happening with them is critical. Short of getting updates in real-time, daily reports are your next best option. Make sure you tailor the reports to your needs, and that they provide a complete picture of what’s happening with your calls.

Implementing these best practices will help you squeeze the most out of your answering service and generate an exceptional return on your investment.

How an HVAC Company Can Use Answering Services Effectively

How Much Does an Answering Service Cost?

How much will this all costs? That’s hard to say. It all depends on the features and options you choose. Obviously, call volume is a factor in determining the cost of an answering service. The more calls you get, the more it costs you but also the more you can save. Service level is also critical when it comes to determining costs.

For example, if you want an HVAC answering service that takes messages and relays them, that’s one thing. If you want an answering service that takes messages, provides text messaging, and acts as a call scheduler, that’s another thing.

Determine your needs and your budget first, then decide on the features and options you want. Armed with this information, you can then work out a calling plan and approximate cost with your answering service.

The actual cost, however, may differ a bit when you implement your calling plan.  So expect some minor changes. Also, review your first few bills. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Everyone makes mistakes, but billing errors can hurt your ROI while missing services can prove an obstacle to delivering excellent customer experiences. Don’t let either happen.