How a Property Management Answering Service Works

As a property manager, you have an incredible responsibility to balance the needs and desires of your tenants while juggling countless tasks to create value for your property management company. You deserve a Quick Win. Shine by using a property management answering service.

Tenant: “I have an emergency! You need to ______________ now!” If you’re a property manager, you can fill the blank in with any number of issues tenants call you about on a daily, and even an hourly basis. Tenants call with emergencies they want fixed yesterday. They need to know they’re being heard and that their issues are being handled. If you are managing multiple locations with tens to thousands of tenants, this can often be overwhelming.

So how do you tackle these challenges in a way that is productive and meets the needs of everyone involved? Let’s talk about how that can happen by collaborating with an experienced and capable company. As a property manager, you deserve to shine

More than managing properties

Property managers don’t “just” manage buildings.

  • Property managers have incredible responsibilities requiring them to wear multiple hats, including customer service.
  • Property managers handle various tenant requests, needs, complaints, and emergencies.
  • Two decades of helping property managers with tenant’s minor complaints to serious issues like bursting pipes, we know solving every issue that arises can be a difficult proposition.

Managing an industrial property can have different challenges compared to a residential property. But no matter the issue, the best strategy is to take every call as an important one and tackle the concern head on. Avoiding the issue could cause more challenges for you eventually. Managing tenant phone calls can occupy a great deal of a property manager’s time and energy. How do you identify the calls that are in fact emergencies? How do you satisfy all your tenants issues? How do you successfully balance the needs of tenants with the needs of your property management company? Solution: An answering service f property management.

Established processes and a reliable team

Unicom Teleservices has experience of helping over 250,000 tenants and this has taught us clear communication is a key factor in running a successful property. It is imperative for clear processes to be established on how tenant phone calls will be managed so the proper information is received and can be addressed accordingly. Training your staff to follow these processes is also critical to create a consistent and reliable experience for everyone involved. A major challenge that many property managers have maintaining their processes is staff reliability and turnover. Finding and keeping quality staff members can be difficult and expensive. Once you have the right staff, it is imperative they have the “soft skills” to properly manage the different issues tenants will have.

Quick win for Property Managers

We have discussed clear communication, established processes, and inconsistency in staffing. These issues can’t be ignored, rather they need to be proactively managed, solved, and improved.

A property management answering service provides a quick win for property managers by being a partner in this effort. The main benefits of using an answering service are:

  • Twenty-four-hour support to your tenants
  • Filtering of calls (i.e. verifying emergency calls are in fact emergencies)
  • Immediately relieving staffing issues by having a team that implements established processes consistently and professionally.

Sounds great, right?

Well the reality is there are many answering service companies that say they are property management specialist. It is important that the company selected understands the industry and can speak the language.

What about cost?

To get started with a property management answering service, you shouldn’t have to pay for setup. Many companies want to charge you just to get started before they even answer a call. Look for a service that doesn’t charge a setup fee. When paying for your calls, we always recommend paying only for live agent talk-time. The other option is paying per call. The downside to this model is that all calls are charged, even disconnected calls. Yours costs can add up quickly. By only paying for live agent talk-time, you pay for the minutes you use and no more. Finally, ask the answering service company if there are any additional fees that will be tacked on to the bill. It is not uncommon for services to charge extra for basic features like message delivery to email, SMS, etc. It’s fine to perform due diligence and compare different services. Take your time and don’t be pressured. By selecting the right property management answering service you’re free to focus on other critical challenges that you face daily.

Unicom Teleservices has over two decades of experience as a property management answering service. We’ve had the opportunity to talk to a good deal of property managers about their major pain points that not only affect their company but also their daily life. Emergencies, complaints, and unexpected maintenance are among the most common challenges property managers face. We understand the difficulties that come with your job. Find a property management answering service that has experience in the space and ask questions so you get the right solution.

About Unicom Teleservices

Unicom is a professional answering service company located in Chicago, Illinois, and has over 25 years of experience and proficiency being a property management answering service. Our professional answering service offers live agents 365 days a year, and 24 hours a day. We never close.