Secret to Top Call Center Services: Great People

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Great People are Key to Call Center Services

An organization’s call center is a critical touch point for managing the customer experience. People that manage calls are crucial to your call center services. How can live agents deliver the level of service your customers expect?

Ensuring profitability is not all about products and services. It’s more about building a positive relationship with customers. After all, customers are the people who buy your products and get your services and eventually bring you profits. Yet, businesses these days are always faced with so many demands that it is difficult for them to keep up with customers who are always in a hurry and want immediate results.

Esteban Kolsky, of thinkJar, identified 66% of consumers leave a brand because of poor service. Also, studies show consumers still heavily rely on a live voice to assist them with their issues. Sometimes, customers only want to speak with someone to give them assurance they are heard and action will be taken to address their concerns sooner. For these reasons, it is more important than ever for your call center services to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We have put together tips to ensure that agents for your call center services are delivering the experience your customers demand— and deserve.

1. Enhance Agent Soft Skills

A great way to enhance customer service is to ensure your customers have high-quality interactions with every part of your organization. This requires that call center agents receive thorough instruction and monitoring of the effective use of soft skills when getting in contact with customers. Here are some suggestions to help improve the call center agent’s etiquette:

  • One should always greet the customer once you answer the call
  • Introduce yourself briefly to the customer and provide them your first name
  • Be considerate and courteous
  • Talk calmly and respectfully to the customers
  • Keep your customer knowledgeable about what you are doing and how long it could take
  • Be honest about deadlines
  • Avoid placing the customer on hold unless necessary
  • Confirm the problem and solution provided
  • Always ask if there is something else you can help with
  • Thank the caller for calling before you disconnect

These soft skills will go a long way to instill confidence from the customer and assure them that you’re working to resolve their issue.

2. Rapport-Building

Ensuring that agents can develop a rapport with your customers is fundamental. Let the customer know you are familiar with them by mentioning any previous interaction they had with your organization.

Be as responsive as you can to the customer’s needs and adjust your approach accordingly. Be flexible when appropriate, as it goes a long way when establishing relationships.

3. Practice Active Listening

Active listening is a way of engaging with another person and it improves mutual understanding. When agents utilize effective listening behaviors, customers feel much more satisfied. This in turn reduces confusion and customer frustration. This leads to problem solving and engagement with the customer.

4. Reduce the customer’s effort

The total time the customer spends on the call and the energy they exert while getting the issue resolved significantly impacts their level of satisfaction with the company. A recent research published in Harvard Business Review found that reducing the amount of effort the customer puts forth to resolve their issue increases customer satisfaction.

5. Enhance your Quality Assurance Processes

To enhance the quality of service of an agent, focus on optimizing your quality assurance (QA) practice.


The agents must review carefully their call recording and focus on areas which need improvement. They might also refer to their team leaders for suggestions.

Calibration Checks

Team leads and operation managers can meet regularly with agents to review calls and other relevant issues. Open communication between agents and management is critical to improving quality assurance.

Sharing great calls

The team leader must share the best calls with other agents to encourage and set an example.

No matter if your organization owns its call centers or utilizes outsourced call center services, each of these pointers can bring huge benefits to your organization. The value of a call center service is in the business insights collected, but more importantly the role it plays in delivering a positive customer experience.

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